Cooking redefined

Salmon En Croute

First off, before I begin, I’d like to apologize for the lack of videos I promised, evidently the videos cannot be used at all for video editing, at least on my computer and being the technical and pretty much the guy who does everything on this blog, the videos wouldn’t be on.

Alright now on to the main course.

Salmon En Croute – Amazing dish, cook it for your friends, this dish is a little uptown, so save it for a dinner party.


500g salmon, skinless, cut into 2 fillets.

500g puff pastry

1 cup of butter cubes

Pickled Dill

Chopped Basil

1 Lemon



Wholegrain Mustard

1-2 egg whites


1. Preheat Oven 180 deg Celsius.

2. Alright start off with the herb butter to spread on the salmon fillets by softening the butter cubes in a bowl

3. Add the pickled dill, chopped basil and the zest of 1 lemon(lightly grate the lemon)

4. Season lightly with salt and pepper, and mix thoroughly

5. Pat dry the salmon fillets and season lightly with salt and pepper.

6. Spread the herb butter made earlier on, onto 1 side of the salmon fillets.

7. Spread wholegrain mustard on the other fillets and sandwich the fillets

8. Roll out the pastry evenly and place the fillets on top.

9. Trim off the excess the portions and dab the area around the fillets with egg wash(egg whites)

10. Fold the pastry, much like wrapping the fillets within the pastry and spread egg wash around.

11. Cross hatch the pastry and score it for portions.

12. Bake at 180deg celsius for 25-30 minutes. ( Timing may differ for different ovens)

13. Take out and let it cool, color should be golden brown.

14. Serve and enjoy!


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