Cooking redefined

Beef Balls in Hot Sauce

Hey people! This is Glen in the house once again!
Well, i’m sure you guys have seen the pictures of the beefballs that i made (too bad about the video…it is still currently in process). These delicious beefballs are easy to make and require little effort.

Here’s the recipe (or what i did to make it work out); the dish taste great eating it by itself or with rice:

Do take note that the quantity and amount of seasoning/marinating is done by feel alone…but who cares! that’s the wacky part of it….it still turned out great didn’t it? :D:D

Mince and mix together:
Around 600g of ground/minced beef (you can change the meat to pork, chicken mutton…anything!)
2 crackers/plain biscuits, pounded (you can use breadcrumbs here as a substitute)
black/white pepper*
chopped ginger*
sliced spring onion*
chopped parsley*
onion powder* (or use chopped fresh onion)
choppped garlic*

*your own estimation and preference:D

Once everything is mixed together, add in:
2 tbsp light soya sauce
1.5 tbsp Corn starch
& 1 whole egg

…& you start mixing everything up again, simple isn’t it?? You’ll then get marinated and seasoned raw minced beef that you can shape into balls (around the size of a pingpong ball).

The last step of course would be cooking the raw beefballs. After cooking this dish, i realised that to give it more bite, i should have fried or baked it lightly first before stewing it in the hot sauce instead of stewing it raw in the hot sauce. You don’t have to fry or bake it first if you’re fine with it being moist and soft inside; this is for those who like more bite to their ‘balls’ – you know what i mean:)

Anyway let’s move on —>

To make “The Hot Sauce”:
Rice vinegar
Light soya sauce
Parsley & Spring Onions leftovers from earlier on (optional)
Sweet chilli sauce
Sambal Chilli (WARNING: for those who want it HOTTT! As much as you want!)
Marmalade/Jam of any kind (i used mulberry marmalade becoz its a healthier option:) na…it just taste great! but it is also healthy too:D)

So what you do? you fry some sliced onions and chopped garlics first then you add this Hot Sauce mixture into the wok together with the onions and garlic and simmer in low heat. (*rmb to add a glass of water into the mixture while it is simmering so it doesn’t dry out)

Finally, the easiest step of all!!
Once the hot sauce start to bubble and boil, throw in the balls!!!!

Rmb to cover it and let it cook in low heat for about 30-45 min, occasionally turning it to make sure it is well-cooked and every part of it is absorbing the hot sauce. (let the mixture thicken and don’t add more water unless you want it to be more gravy than sauce)

And so….ta-dah!! Viola! there’s your beefballs in hot sauce!!!!

Review was great!! Oh yeah! Chef Ash, Nora and my family members loved it.
Simple, tasty, meaty, beefy….great as a party food or side dish or even main course with rice !

And that’s your recipe of the week! Cheers!


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