Cooking redefined

New “BIG COOK” Today!!!

Hey all! Glen here again:)

Today on the 29 Dec 2010, the team of 2guys1cook did our second installation of the vidblog series. YEAH!!!!

And of course, we always have an additional guest here to help us with the cooking:) Introducing Xuan Hui from Class MD and her surprise helper, Annie! *claps*

Kudos to the both of them for taking time off to help us with our food blog; we from the 2guys1cook team truly appreciate it:D

Right…now to the food!!
Today, we did 4 different dishes:
1) Tang Yuan aka Glutinous Rice Balls in Sweet Soup (Xuan Hui & Annie)
2) Best Buffalo Chicken Wings (Chef Glen’s style) – a true wonder! A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!
3) Salmon En Croute (Chef Ash did his magic on this one…well…we know what the end result was:))
4) Chocolate Mousse – Chef Ash actually used his protein powder for this one…and we all tried it…hopefully Annie and Xuan Hui don’t go ‘she-hulk’

The vids are up for editing, so check our 2guys1cook Blog, Twitter and Facebook fan page regularly for more updates on us wacky duo!!!

Chef Glen @2Guys1Cook


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