Cooking redefined

Oven Baked Chicken Nuggets

Whats up guys! Chef Ash here today to show you how to make these bad boys, who says you have to whip out your deep fat fryer and having to take a trip to the supermarket to buy some frozen nuggets? NO, no need for that nonsense.

First, you’ll need to get the following ingredients together:

2 Large Chicken Breasts
1 Egg
Black Pepper
Italian Seasoning: Herbs Basil & Oregano
Oat Flour (or if you cannot find oat flour, ground up oat meal will work).
PAM Spray
You’ll also need:
A Small Bowl
A Large Plate
A Sharp Cutting Knife
A Brush (to apply the egg white to the meat)
and an over set to 350f or a grill set to 350f.


First, mix together on the plate, a cup of oat flour with 1 tsp of black pepper, 2 tsps of Italian seasoning, and 2 tsps of basil & oregano.

Next, separate the egg white into the bowl, and cut the chicken breasts into strips, or nuggets, making sure that they’re not to thick so that they’ll cook all the way through.

Use the brush to coat the chicken in the egg white and then roll them across the plate, ensuring all areas are covered with the ‘batter mix’. (You may need to use your hands to sprinkle additional mix over the chicken where it didn’t fully cover, and pat it down with your hands).

You may wish to do another coating and batter roll depending on how ‘crispy’ you want them. If so, you may wish to use a different plate with a new mix of batter on so that it doesn’t all clump together when rolling the chicken pieces over it.

If using the oven, put an aluminum sheet that’s been lightly sprayed with PAM or another low-cal spray, onto an oven tray, and spread out the chicken pieces. Put into the oven set at 350f for 18-20 minutes, turning half way through.

If you are using a grill, then spray with PAM and place the chicken pieces evenly apart, and turn over after 7-10 minutes (depending on how crispy you want the coating to become).

(Image only shows one chicken breast cut and grilled)

Check that the chicken is fully cooked by using the knife to cut open the thickest piece in the center. It should be all-white and no pink.

This goes great with any number of side dishes, but I can’t help but liking my chicken with brown rice and veg. It just feels clean!


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