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Gordon Ramsay’s Chocolate Soufflé

Hey all once again!
So i bet you know who Gordon Ramsay is…No? Well, he’s the celebrity chef dude from Hell’s Kitchen (see YouTube) who practically swears “F*** You!” at almost anyone not doing their job right…serious biznesss huh…
Anyway swearing aside, this guy actually walks the talk and cooks some amazing food!!! And he even did it so effortlessly!!
So today, I’m gonna bring you this recipe that i saw on the internet from his cookbook “The F Word”.
Dedicated to all you souffle-loving fans and baking enthusiasts out there!
And as Gordon Ramsay will put it, “F***ing enjoy it!”:D:D
Here’s to you:


How To Make The “Perfect” Beef Steak??? Easily Done:)

Hey all! So I bet all you steak lovers out there either looking for an easy way to impress on a romantic date or just to satisfy your steak craving have trouble cooking up the “Perfect” steak….well fear not, here’s a recipe you just might want to follow to cook the ULTIMATE beef steak!!!!!!
Thus without further ado! The “RECIPE”!!!!!!!:


Korean Kimchi Pancake! Annyeong Haseyo~:D

Hey all! This is new recipe time again, and today we’ll be doing Korean Kimchi pancakes! WOOHOOO!!!

Right so for all those Korean die-hard fans out there who adore their Kimchis as well girl-groups (for me:P) and male-groups, here’s the ultimate Korean food you MUST try!!!

Behold! The “RECIPE”!!!!!:

a must try!!!


New “BIG COOK” Today!!!

Hey all! Glen here again:)

Today on the 29 Dec 2010, the team of 2guys1cook did our second installation of the vidblog series. YEAH!!!!

And of course, we always have an additional guest here to help us with the cooking:) Introducing Xuan Hui from Class MD and her surprise helper, Annie! *claps*

Kudos to the both of them for taking time off to help us with our food blog; we from the 2guys1cook team truly appreciate it:D

Right…now to the food!! (more…)

Beef Balls in Hot Sauce

Hey people! This is Glen in the house once again!
Well, i’m sure you guys have seen the pictures of the beefballs that i made (too bad about the video…it is still currently in process). These delicious beefballs are easy to make and require little effort.


A New Recipe Today!

using a pot and not a rice cooker of course!
using a pot and not a rice cooker of course!

check it out!

Hey peeps! Was on hiatus for a while due to school stuff:) Anyway check out this recipe that i found on the internet and tried.
It works perfectly fine and taste good too!!

Recipe: Claypot Chicken Rice Without Claypot


2 cups rice

1 skinless chicken breast & 2 chicken drumsticks

1 stalk scallion (chopped) OR chopped garlic and onions