Cooking redefined


Mozzarella Meatballs

Mhmmm, more balls(pun intended) for your palate, cheesy succulent beef melting in your mouth as you bite into its moist, tender okay I can’t take it anymore I have to show you guys how to make it ;).



How To Make The “Perfect” Beef Steak??? Easily Done:)

Hey all! So I bet all you steak lovers out there either looking for an easy way to impress on a romantic date or just to satisfy your steak craving have trouble cooking up the “Perfect” steak….well fear not, here’s a recipe you just might want to follow to cook the ULTIMATE beef steak!!!!!!
Thus without further ado! The “RECIPE”!!!!!!!:


Beef Balls in Hot Sauce

Hey people! This is Glen in the house once again!
Well, i’m sure you guys have seen the pictures of the beefballs that i made (too bad about the video…it is still currently in process). These delicious beefballs are easy to make and require little effort.