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Guest Chef Xuan Hui with Annie as her sous chef! – How to make Tang Yuan


New “BIG COOK” Today!!!

Hey all! Glen here again:)

Today on the 29 Dec 2010, the team of 2guys1cook did our second installation of the vidblog series. YEAH!!!!

And of course, we always have an additional guest here to help us with the cooking:) Introducing Xuan Hui from Class MD and her surprise helper, Annie! *claps*

Kudos to the both of them for taking time off to help us with our food blog; we from the 2guys1cook team truly appreciate it:D

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Beef Balls in Hot Sauce

Hey people! This is Glen in the house once again!
Well, i’m sure you guys have seen the pictures of the beefballs that i made (too bad about the video…it is still currently in process). These delicious beefballs are easy to make and require little effort.

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Salmon En Croute

First off, before I begin, I’d like to apologize for the lack of videos I promised, evidently the videos cannot be used at all for video editing, at least on my computer and being the technical and pretty much the guy who does everything on this blog, the videos wouldn’t be on.

Alright now on to the main course.

Salmon En Croute – Amazing dish, cook it for your friends, this dish is a little uptown, so save it for a dinner party.

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Guest – Chef Nora’s Molten Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chef Nora joined us yesterday to make her dessert, the delectable Molten Chocolate Cake.

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The Perfect Steak

So some of you have probably wondered, how do you get that perfect steak?I know I know, your steak doesn’t taste as good as the restaurant did, you burnt it, its too bloody, it’s too tough. Well fear not, I’m here to solve your woes.

In case you’re wondering, this is how you determine how well your steak is cooked:

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A New Recipe Today!

using a pot and not a rice cooker of course!

check it out!

Hey peeps! Was on hiatus for a while due to school stuff:) Anyway check out this recipe that i found on the internet and tried.
It works perfectly fine and taste good too!!

Recipe: Claypot Chicken Rice Without Claypot


2 cups rice

1 skinless chicken breast & 2 chicken drumsticks

1 stalk scallion (chopped) OR chopped garlic and onions

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Baked Sweet Potato Fries!

Everything with fries, this term is so cliche, our first recipe posted has to be a plateful of mouth watering fries.

But hang on! , these aren’t your usual fries, it’s baked and it’s made from sweet potatoes, yeah you heard me!

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